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This forgiveness workshop will provide you with a way of viewing forgiveness that does not leave you feeling that you lost and the other person won. We can sometimes feel that forgiving another is letting that person "off the hook."
This program offers a very different way of thinking about and practicing forgiveness that puts you in the driver's seat, no longer an injured party, and no longer rehashing annoying events over and over in your head.

When and Where

When: Friday, October 1, 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. (stands alone or can continue to full workshop the next day)
Saturday, October 2, 9:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Where: Reformed Church of Bronxville, New York, USA
Tel: 732-470-6711
Suggested Donation: $25 ($10 of this donation is non-refundable)


The focus of our work is to develop your relationship with yourself and the Divine. The intention is for you to live true to yourself, produce the results you want, live harmoniously with others and be in tune with your best self.

The Logistics...

The Individual Spiritual Coaching Program is a minimum of 13 one-hour sessions by telephone, either over three months (one meeting a week) or six months (a meeting every other week). Calls are documented and you will be sent updates after each call together with a "Reflection" document which you'll complete in the middle and the end of the program. The contract is renewable.

Where I Am Coming From...

In this Spiritual Coaching Model, I am a keen listener and straight talker; loving my clients totally wherever they are at the moment and having them be clear about that. Asking good questions is key to my Spiritual Coaching. Essentially, I know that the Divine dwells in each of us and manifests in each person’s life in many different ways: in night dreams, in those occasional, challenging breakdowns in life and in revealing interactions with people. I coach people to listen to themselves and to learn that they can discern their own way and they have the means to do so. Clients develop a key muscle in their integrity and are able to take risks because they can address any mistakes as well as clean up their messes without judging themselves.

At the mid-point of this Coaching Program and again at the end, you agree to reflect on your experience by filling out a “Reflection”. In addition, you agree to bring any problems or questions that arise about the coaching experience to my attention within 24 hours.

And Where You'll Be Going To...

You will find in the short term that you will lighten up... not taking yourself so seriously and also gradually letting go of self-judgment and condemnation (always good for getting a bit lighter). Over the long term, you'll access freedom to be and do what you intend, mastering the Fundamentals Tripod™, enjoying a revived sense of humor, and having more joy, playfulness and power in bringing your intentions into reality.


In groups of 4 to 6, we explore a particular area in depth with practices and sharing that put you out in the world practicing new ways of being and doing. For example, we offer:

"After Forgiving, Then What?"
  • Eight weekly phone meetings either day or evening
  • Open to those who have done individual work with Eileen or participated in her workshops

"How do you say the hard stuff?"
Participants start to develop a muscle for expressing themselves when they disagree or get irritated at someone so that the pattern of storing the annoyance and rehearsing the "grievance story" does not get triggered. This is a powerful exploration in self-expression.

"Making Room For The Holy"
  • Eight weekly phone meetings either day or evening

When we clear out clutter, make the phone calls, balance the checkbook, write the letters, deal with the garage, address the unfinished business in our lives… we not only free up more space externally and internally, but we literally make more room for God. This course is a powerful spiritual journey with the goal of making more room for the holy in your life.

"Practicing The Forgiveness Tools"
  • Six weekly phone meetings either day or evening
  • Open to those who have done individual work with Eileen or participated in her workshops

We take the ideas and practices from The Forgiveness Process® that enable us regularly to let go of annoyances as they arise and address the situation in the moment rather than get "a grievance story" going. A very practical and supportive follow-up for those who want to deepen their mastery in this area.


Open only to those who have gained proficiency with The Forgiveness Process® and feel called to become a forgiveness coach for others.
This is an intensive, 3-month telephone training program for a group of 6-8 people. Highly selective and rigorous. Produces miracles!

What's Involved in this Program for Coaches

You will immerse yourself over 12 weeks in a conversation of forgiveness. You will live inside inquiry and practice. You will discover the depth of misunderstanding that exists about forgiveness. You will have miracles in your life that you cannot imagine right now.

Promises of the Training
  1. By the end of the program, you will have sufficient proficiency with The Forgiveness Process® to use it with yourself and another to regain the freedom to live in the present.
  2. You will have released as many resentments and regrets in your life that you are willing to release.
  3. You will begin to incorporate forgiveness as a reality in your life such that, without your needing to bring up the subject, others around you will begin to forgive people in their life. You will start to embody forgiving naturally and people around you will "catch it."

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