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about Personal Life and Forgivess Coach, EILEEN EPPERSON...

The Reverend Eileen L. Epperson had a background in business before entering the ministry. She worked administratively in a drug rehabilitation community, an audio production company and an executive search firm, all in New York City.

Eileen was ordained as a Presbyterian minister in 1990. She has been a college, hospital and hospice chaplain, and over several years, the minister in six churches. She is a seasoned retreat leader and bereavement group facilitator.

Eileen has advanced degrees in literature and theology and has been active in interfaith dialogue and cooperative interfaith projects for 35 years. She has given programs at three of the four modern Parliaments of the World’s Religions that have taken place every five years since 1993. These workshops have been: “Envisioning the World Without Religious Violence,” “Can Another Religion Contribute to Your Faith?” and “What is Forgiveness?” – A Panel Discussion.

Eileen is also the founder and creator of Spiritual Center Coaching. In her spiritual and life coaching practice, Eileen has developed a focus on forgiveness issues and has been designing and delivering workshops and presentations in this crucial arena of our lives for over ten years. She has assisted hundreds of people to release minor as well as long-term resentments and regrets, freeing them to live a more healthy, happy and productive life. She offers both group workshops and individual work using The Forgiveness Process, which she designed. Eileen is committed to assisting people in transforming losses and disappointments into new futures.

Eileen lives in rural northwest Connecticut.


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